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  • Publicado : 23 de septiembre de 2010
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Our kitchen is an importan site of the home. Howerer, it can become a dangerou site if we don´t take any measures in order to prevent terrible accidentswhich can involve other prople´s life and yours. Take into account the following actions.

* Don´t leave knives and Sharp objects lyrig aroundwhen younger children are present.
* Take off all jewellry when cooking.
* Tie up your hair. Don´t wear pin or fringes.
* Wash hands aftertouching any kinds of meats.
* Don´t leave boiling wáter unattended.
* Don´t leave wáter around electrical things.
* Don´t let children hangaround when cooking.
* Pots and pan on the stove must have handles pointing inwards (becouse they may be knoked off by accident and scold you).
* Usepotholders to take things out of the oven.
* If a glass is hot, don´t run cold wáter over it.
* Keep hot grease in a safe location until cooled.* Keep an eye on cooking foods so they doing boíl over or cause a fire.
* Clean the couter, stove, sink, etc after setting out raw foods toavord salmonella.
* Do not store combustible ítems on or above the stove.
* In an appliance has a worn or frayed electrical cord, replace the cord orthe apliance.
* All garbage cans need to be emptied on a daily basis-make sure that the lids fit tightly.

Remember you can aroid a lot ofaccidents in your home and neighborhood only if you observe the norms above mentioned.

Your kitchen can be a risk sourse for you and your nerghborhood
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