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Introduction 5
3. Analysis of market characteristics 5
3.1 Target market characteristics 6
3.1.1 Identification of customer(s) 6
3.1.2 Specific target market characteristics 7
3.1.3 Consumer attitudes 7
3.1.4 Buyer versus user 8
3.1.5 Influence groups 8
3.1.6 Purchase (Frequency and place) 9
4. Analysis of distribution characteristics 10
4.1 Distribution system 11
4.1.1Intermediaries 11
4.1.2 Transportation and storage 12
4.1.3 Geographical or climate influences 12
Conclusion 36
Bibliography 37

In this stage, we will be analyzing the market and distribution characteristics for Diageo´s Tequila that we will be exporting to Turkey. We will start by analyzing the target market´s main characteristics by identifying who will be our customers,what are their main characteristics, attitudes, influence groups, etc. After knowing all of our target market, we will then be analyzing the distribution characteristics for our product, which will be our intermediaries, how will be our transportation and storage, and if there can be geographical or climate influences while distributing our product to Turkey.

* Get a betterincite on the target market, target customers and their characteristics
* Identify the customers and their attitudes
* Determine the transportation and storage for the product
* Determine the best and most effective transportation
* Determine what type of intermediaries will be used
* Identify the geographical and climate conditions that will affect the demand of the product

3.Analysis of market characteristics
3.1 Target market characteristics
3.1.1 Identification of customer(s)
3.1.2 Specific target market characteristics
3.1.3 Consumer attitudes
According to Euromonitor International Database, sales of alcoholic drinks in Turkey have increased a 52.3% during the period of 2002-2007. Even though the tariffs and taxes increased as well, the wine and beer segmentsdid experience an increasing demand. This can be a very good sign for our projects because it means people are consuming alcoholic drinks more than the past years, and even though taxes and tariffs in the country increase also. This increase of consumption in alcoholic drinks can also be due because of the growing tourism sector. Many popular tourist cities in Turkey such as Olympos and Antalyahave many places where they serve alcohol, and they are most filled with customers during the summer.
According to Euromonitor International Database, beer is by far the most affordable type of alcoholic drink, and it is mostly available in Istanbul, in Western Turkey. In Istanbul, there are thousands of bars, where they serve an aniseed beverage called raki, one of the most popular drinks withTurks.
All of the above was about Istanbul and western Turkey, but in the rest of the country, we may have some factors that can affect our exportation. In central and eastern Anatolia, religious and social attitudes tend to be more conservative. We can see that beer and other alcoholic drinks can be found only in small shops, but some of these shops hide the beverages if they are located instrongly religious areas, and sometimes even refuse to sell it. On the other hand, we have also populated areas by Aleyis, who practice a different derivative of Islam, and they are more open about drinking, and it is not forbidden in their tradition.
After knowing a little about consumer’s attitudes towards alcoholic beverages, similar to Diageo’s tequila, we can see that they have a positiveattitude towards these types of drinks. As the consumption of alcoholic beverages in Turkey have increased, it may help in the success for our exportation project.
3.1.4 Buyer versus user
We know that is not the same being the buyer than being the user of a product/service, they both have different characteristics although sometimes could happen that the buyer is also the user. The main difference...