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  • Publicado : 15 de junio de 2011
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Art therapies are treatments that use art and it’s expressions (music,
painting, dancing, and others), as help to improve cognition and
exteriorization of feelings and emotions.
Peoplewith schizophrenia suffer from a complex cerebral illness, in which
the neurotransmitters are unbalanced, that causes a malfunction in the brain
circuitry. Schizophrenia not only affects people’ssensorial perception, but
also it affects their affection, their relationship with the society and the way
they perceive emotions.
Schizophrenic people, because of their disease, loose contact withreality
and their surrounding environment. In addition, they get isolated and they
have problems while communicating; therefore, they don’t develop as
normal people and, most of the time are incapableto interact with other
people to work, to study and other aspects that are considered necessary to
grow as human beings.
Schizophrenia tends to be a chronic illness, and even without a definitivecure, there are methods to treat their symptoms. Many of the symptoms of
this disease are treated with drugs, but when it comes to rehabilitate these
people in society, It requires something more:for example art therapy. Art
therapy helps schizophrenics to evoke feelings and situations, to express
and communicate, to concentrate and allow them to establish projects short
and long term.
Tomake the whole process a scientific research, an interview was
conducted with the psychiatrist Jorge Calle, who is the advisor and guide of
this investigation. Secondly, Aurora Gallo, an occupationaltherapist was
interviewed. Aurora heads the art workshop in the hospital psychiatric unit of
the St. Vicente de Paul hospital, and she suggested interviews be
concluded with three schizophrenicpatients who were on track. The
interviews were conducted a week after that. Lastly Madelein Gutierrez, the
visual arts teacher at the Colegio San José de las Vegas, was interviewed,
and spoke...
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