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PAUL BUNYAN looks a job
Paul Bunyan was one big baby Some say he weighed 86
pounds at birth, give or take 10 pounds or so . His ma really had a hard time keeping him fed. He didn't eat like ahorse. He ate like 20 horses. Paul grew as fast as a bean vine in July, so he needed a new pair of boots every day. Now , this might be bending the truth a bit, but it has been said that he was so tallthat most people had to yank the bottom of his pants just to get his attention. Finally one day, Paul quit growing and went off to see the world. His dream was to be a logger. When he got to a loggingcamp,Paul decided to put on a show. I can chop down more trees with one swing of my ax than you and your crew can chop down all day, Paul said to the boss. Before the boss could finish laughing, Paulswung his ax like a lightning bolt. When he was through, twenty trees were down. Paul was a buzz saw of a logger. After working at logging, Paul decided to move on to mining. He walked across thecountry in less than a week and reached the mines. The only problem was that Paul was a freight train standing on its end, so he couldn't fit into a mine then he moved on to the mississippi River, hopingto be a steamboat captain. that didn't work because each time he stepped on the side of a boat, the boat flew into the air like a grasshopper
Hmm Paul said to himself. What shall I try now
PaulBunyan parece un trabajo
Paul Bunyan fue un bebé grande Algunos dicen que pesaba 86
libras al nacer, más o menos 10 libras o menos. Su ma realmente tenía problemas para mantener le daba de comer. Nocomer como un caballo. Comía como 20 caballos. Paul creció tan rápido como una enredadera de frijol en julio, así que necesitaba un nuevo par de botas de todos los días. Ahora, esto puede ser doblado laverdad un poco, pero se ha dicho que él era tan alto que la mayoría de la gente tenía que tire la parte inferior de sus pantalones sólo para llamar su atención. Finalmente un día, dejar de fumar...
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