Terminos petroleros

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storage. Additive (Additive): A chemical added to a product to enhance its properties. Adsorption (Adsorption) : A separation process to remove impurities based on the fact that certain highly porous materials set certain types of molecules on their surface. IEA (International Energy Agency IEA): Established in 1974 to monitor the global energy situation, to promote good relations betweenproducer and consumer countries and developing strategies for energy supply during emergencies. Aggregate (Aggregate): The mineral used in conjunction with the bitumen to produce asphalt for road construction.

Absorption (Absorption) : A process for separating mixtures into their constituents, taking advantage of some components are more easily absorbed than others. An example is the removal of theheavier components of natural gas. Third party access (TPA Third-party access) : TPA regime requires companies that operate networks of gas transmission and distribution to offer terms for gas transportation using their systems to other distribution companies or private clients. Petroleum (Crude oil): Oil from a reservoir, after sorting and processing all associated gas in a refinery, often referredto as raw. Oil in Place (OIP Oil in place): The estimate of the true amount of oil in a reservoir, and therefore a higher amount than the recoverable reserves of the deposit. Oil (Luboil): Lubricating oil used to facilitate the work of mechanical joints and moving parts. Bitter oils (oils Sour) : Oils containing high levels of hydrogen sulfide or mercaptans. It is known as sweetening thetreatment of these oils to turn them into commercial products. Acidification (Acidizing): The technique of pumping a form of hydrochloric acid into the well to enlarge the pore space in oil bearing rocks in this way increases the oil flow and recovery. Aquifer (Aquifer): An underground zone of porous rock saturated with water under pressure. For gas storage applications need to be an aquifer consisting ofa permeable layer of rock on the bottom and a waterproof layer on top, with a cavity for gas

Alcohols (Alcohols): A class of compounds, including ethanol (the alcohol in beer and wine) is best known. They react with acids to form esters. They are widely used as solvents. Lightening (Lightening): View Lightering.

Lightening (Lightering): A cargo transfer operation of a vessel to another toallow the first of a port that has limited depth.

Storage day (Diurnal storage) : Literally, daily storage. It refers to a short-term storage (or peak) in pipelines or gas storage tanks, as opposed to seasonal storage. Single buoy mooring (SBM Single buoy mooring): Also known as a point mooring (SPM). It consists of a floating camera strapped around an offshore platform that serves as aconnection to a tanker. It has no storage capacity. See also FSU (Floating Storage Unit).

Ammonia (Ammonia) : Prepared by the direct combination of hydrogen and nitrogen under pressure over a catalyst. Anhydrous ammonia is used primarily for the manufacture of nitrogen fertilizers. Anhydrous (Anhydrous): Without water, or drying. Anticline (Anticline): Folding of the upper layers of rockssimilar to a dome-shaped arch. The anticlines are excellent prospects for drilling as the oil deposits are naturally rise to the highest point of the structure, by having a specific gravity lower than water. See also syncline (Syncline). Christmas tree (Christmas tree): The arrangement of pipes and valves on the wellhead to control the flow of oil and gas blowout foresee. Barrel (Barrel - bbl): Astandard measure for oil and oil products. One barrel = 35 imperial gallons, 42 U.S. gallons, or 159 liters. Barrel of oil equivalent (Barrel oil equivalent - boe): A term frequently used to compare the oil and gas to provide a common measure for different grades of gas. Is the number of barrels of stabilized crude oil, which contain about the same amount of energy than gas, for example, 5.8 trillion...
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