Terminos d sociedad

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What time is it? Look at the example

0. Its seven twenty _7:20 _

1. It´s eight thirty _8:30_

2. It´s one fifteen_1:15_

3. It´s three twenty-five _3:25_

Now write the words. Look at the example

0. It´s _four twenty 4:20

1. It’s ten past eight 8:20

2. It´s_ten thirty __ 10:30

3. It´s _eleven fifteen 11:15

4. It´s _nine twenty___ 9:20

What time is it? Choose the correct answer. Look at the example

a. it´s quarterpast nine a. It´s ten past three

b. it´s quarter to nine b. It´s twenty past three

a. It´s half past threea. it´s three o´ clock

b. It´s half to four b. It´s nearly three o clock

a. It´s quarter to four a.Its ten to five

b. It´s quarter to five b. It´s ten past four

Match the picture to the description. Look at the example.

Aa. take a shower

E b. go to bed

B e. have a breakfast



Fc. stand

D f. go t school

Answer the questions with full sentences. Look at the example. What time do you…?

0. Have Breakfast?I have breakfast at 7:30

1. Go to bed? I go to bed at 9:00pm

2. Go to school? I usually go to school at 7:00am

3. Get up? I get up at6:00 am

4. Have lunch? I have lunch at 1:00 pm

Read the conversation between Sonia and Mariana. Fill the blanks. Use what time/How often/what.

Sonia: Hi..

Maribel: Hi...
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