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This article discusses the term exploitation in the meaning of using something in an unjust or cruel manner.
Most often, the word exploitation is used to refer to economicexploitation; that is, the act of using another person's labor without offering them an adequate compensation. There are two major perspectives on economic exploitation:
Organizational or"micro-level" exploitation: most theories of exploitation center on the market power of economic organizations within a market setting. Some neoclassical theory points to exploitation not based on market power.Structural or "macro-level" exploitation: focuses on exploitation by large sections of society even (or especially) in the context of free markets. Marxist theory points to the entire capitalist classas an exploitative entity, and to capitalism as a system based on exploitation.
The focus of most assertions about the existence of exploitation towards human beings is the socio-economicphenomenon where people trade their labor or allegiance to a powerful entity, such as the state, a corporation or any other private company. Some theories of exploitation (Marxist, new liberal) arestructural, while others are organizational (neoclassical).
Loss of independence
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle describes the end of independent political direction in Mercia following the death ofÆthelflæd in 918. Edward of Wessex took over the fortress at Tamworth and accepted the submission of all those settled in Mercia, both Danish and English. In late 918, Ælfwynn, the daughter of Æthelred, wasdeprived of all authority in Mercia and taken to Wessex.References to Mercia and the Mercians continue through the annals recording the reigns of Æthelstan and his successors. In 975 King Edgar isdescribed as “friend of the West Saxons and protector of the Mercians”.A separate political existence from Wessex was briefly restored in 955–959, when Edgar became king of Mercia, and again in 1016,...
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