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Guide to Trimble Juno SB GPS with Terrasync
This Guide provides the essentials for using the Juno GPS to collect data points and other features using Terrasync. The Juno provides 3-5 m accuracy under good conditions. Data can be post-processed, and the setup can be configured to accept a Laser Rangefinder with Compass for offset shots. This guide documents its use with TerraSync software tocollect points, lines and polygons. For more information, see the Terrasync Software Getting Started Guide (224 pp) which you can download from: http://www.trimble.com/terrasync_ts.asp and the Juno manual http://www.trimble.com/junosb_ts.asp.

Contents: Physical Layout of the Juno Basic Process of using the Juno with Terrasync Terrasync Screen Layout Status Bar Terrasync Sections Status Setup DataMap Field GPS Methods Capturing a Feature with GPS Positions Create a data dictionary in the field Offsets Downloading & Postprocessing Points using Pathfinder page 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 15


Physical Layout of the Juno
(Figures from Trimble Juno manual). Note that the unit is inside an Otter Box, so it looks a bit different, and the buttons are inside black rubber covers. The Powerbutton can be pressed by pushing on the black rubber cover at the right place.


Basic Process of Using the Juno with Terrasync
The basic process of using the instrument, with TerraSync, is as follows: 1. Charge it the night before you plan to use it. When fully charged a light on the side (a bit hard to see) goes to solid green. 2. Make sure you have all of the equipment, taking care tomaintain all equipment carefully. For the Juno, this means:    The unit, in its Otter Box. Note: this unit is not waterproof. A wall charger. USB cable for downloading data to a PC.

3. Start TerraSync from the Start menu. Tap the window icon, then select Programs/TerraSync. 4. Move to where the receiver has a good sky view. 5. Check the Status (p. 3) to make sure everything's working, and to seewhat satellites are available. If GPS is disconnected, go to setup. 6. Change the Setup as needed to get the GPS connection and differential correction working. 7. Configure the Map view to display map and background layers. 8. Use the Data area to create files and and capture features with the GPS. Ideally, prepare a data dictionary in advance to facilitate efficient and accurate featurecollection. You can also create a data dictionary in the field. 9. Download the data to your computer, and remove it from the Juno. 10. Return all parts in good condition, and organized in the box as you received it.


Terrasync Screen Layout

The user interface in Terrasync is reasonably clear, consisting of a couple of menus, a status bar, various buttons, and a display area that varies withthe choice. The Section button is a menu pull-down giving access to the primary subsystems of the software:  Map: Displays a map with any background layers and captured GPS points.  Data: For opening or creating new data files. Use this to start collecting points. Once initiated, you can go to the map view to collect features into an open file.  Navigation: We won't be using this, but allows youto navigate to saved points.  Status: For determing the satellite configuration, planning time to collect, and checking the status of satellites, external sensors, etc.  Setup: For reconnecting the GPS or differential correction inputs, setting coordinate systems, etc.


Status Bar

The status bar remains visible in all screens, and provides you with constant information on the statusof satellite reception, accuracy, etc. It includes many icons, including: Satellite icon: shows the number of satellites being tracked, and flashes when the PDOP is poor. The number flashes when not enough satellites are available. If the GPS is not connected, the connection icon will animate.

Real-time correction source icon: The SBAS icon shows that it is receiving realtime corrections from...
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