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  • Publicado : 23 de enero de 2011
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Thank you for taking the time to apply for a membership in Vivos. The Vivos Selection Committee will review your application and advise shortly on your candidacy for membership. In the meantime,please feel free to contact us at: membership@terravivos.com   Please watch your email for future correspondence from the Vivos Project.
Vivos offers people the peace of mind that comes from knowing theycan prepare themselves for the possibility of major earth changes and/or future cataclysms, with a long-term hardened shelter solution within a day’s travel time. Vivos will be all-inclusive andtotally self-sufficient community for virtually any end-of-the-world scenario, or those anarchy related scenarios that may be realized by disruptions from a solar electro-magnetic pulse (EMP), or economiccivil upheaval.

Vivos will combine the best of all survival theories, stocked with virtually everything that may be needed for up to 1 year of underground community survival. A key element of thesuccess of Vivos, is the community of participants and their diversity of skills. Vivos will require a high level of cooperation from every participant to facilitate the daily operations of thefacility. In this regard, those with medical skills will staff the medical facility, those with defense experience will maintain facility security, those with technical skills will maintain the operation ofthe mechanical equipment, and those with cooking, sewing, teaching, entertainment, religious, survival, farming, and all other useful skills will each share in the activities of daily living andsupport of all other Vivos residents.  Once each Vivos shelter group is formed and successfully integrated, the community will stand the best chance of extended survival, as it can meet the broadest rangeof circumstances and have the collective skills to cope with the most diverse situations.

Vivos is open to all people and seeks to assemble a coherent group of participants based on respect for...
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