ake Tyler (Sean Faris) gets thrown off the football team for fighting, but takes it in stride because he is leaving this school anyway. At his new school, Jake has a hard time fitting in. Hecatches the eye of Baja Miller (Amber Heard), when he rescues her in class by correctly answering a question for her.
Later, Jake notices fellow student Max Cooperman (Evan Peters) getting beaten upon campus. Jake rushes to Max's aid, only to discover that the "bullying" he disrupted was actually a street-kickboxing match. Everybody present, including Max, demands that the astonished Jake leave.At school the next day, Max lets it be known that there are videos on the internet of Jake's football brawl, which has gained him a positive reputation on campus. Max invites Jake to come and learnmixed martial arts with his instructor, while Baja invites Jake to a party at her boyfriend Ryan McCarthy's mansion. Jake declines the former offer but accepts the latter. At McCarthy Manor thatnight, host Ryan (Cam Gigandet) - having seen the internet footage - challenges Jake to demonstrate his brawling prowess in a fight against Ryan himself. When Jake refuses the challenge, letting Ryan knowthat Jake came to the party only because Baja invited him, Ryan kisses Baja in front of Jake to verify whose girlfriend she is. Jake realizes that he's being set up, and attempts to leave - until Ryanmakes taunts about the disgraceful death of Jake's dad. An angry Jake accepts the challenge but is brutally defeated by Ryan. Baja appears disgusted with Ryan for continually beating on Jake, despitethe fact that Jake was obviously down and out.
A day later, Max comes to Jake's house, and repeats the invitation to come and learn Mixed Martial Arts from Max's instructor, Jean Roqua (DjimonHounsou). After careful consideration and thought, Jake accepts. He meets Max at Roqua's gym and is introduced to Roqua himself. Roqua briefly interviews Jake...who, he senses, is there for the wrong... [continua]

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