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1) They are students of the University of El Salvador
2) She is a very intelligent person
3) We are friends since childhood4) You are very funny
5) He is a doctor
6) She works in a hospital
7) You are my best friend
8) They are brothers of Laura
9) He is a good father
10) We are drivers oftelevision


1) No, they are not student of the UES.
2) No, she is not the mother of my friend
3) No, she is not a bad person.
4) No, they are notfootball players.
5) No, he is not a good student of English
6) No, she is not a journalist
7) No, they are not parents of Laura
8) No, you are not very funny
9) No, they are notspouses
10) No, we are not classmate

• Write 10 question ( and answers too) with the verb TOBE

1) Are we the best friends?

Yes, we are the best friends
No, we are not thebest friends

2) Are they students of the university of El Salvador?

Yes, they are students of the University of El Salvador
No, they are not students of the University of ElSalvador

3) Are you happy?

Yes, I am happy
No, I am not happy

4) Is she a professor of mathematics?

Yes, she is a professor of mathematics
No, she is not a professor ofmathematics

5) Are they good kids?

Yes, they are good kids
No, they are not good kids

6) Is she the mother of Laura?

Yes, she is the mother of Laura
No, she is notmother of Laura

7) Are we the winners of the house?

Yes, we are winners of the house
No, we are not winners of the house

8) Is she a medical student?

Yes, she is amedical student
No, she is not a medical student

9) Are you the father of Alice?

Yes, I am the father of Alice
No, I am not the father of Alice

10) Is it my new neighbor?...