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Mary: hello, my name is mary.
Julia: hello mary, I’m Julia.How can I help you?
Mary: can you tell me. Where Vogue shop is?
Julia: I’m sorry. I have no idea. You’re notfrom here right?
Mary: I’ve just arrived. I’m from Peru
Julia: I see. What brings you here to Italy?
Mary: I’m tourism..
Julia: well, I’m sorry. I can’t help you whit that.Maybe that cop can help you
Mary: I’ll go and ask him. Thank you..
Julia : no problem. If you need any help. I’m here everyday
Mary: It was nice to meet you. See youlater…
Julia: see you, and good luck.
Mary: sorry, can you help me?
Police: yes, I can help you. What’s the problem?
Mary: where is Vogue shop?
Police : uhm… Vogueshop .. .is in 123 Peruvian Avenue. It’s very far acuidy..
Mary: Oh.. no
Police: you can take a taxi
Mary: Really? Oh.. thanks .. what’s the name of the avenue..?
Police: It’s 123 Peruvian avenue..
Mary: ok , thanks..
Lucia: hey look at that dress in the windows..
Thalia: oh.. it’s cool. How much is it?
Lucia: I Don’t know. I don’t seea price. Let’s go in the store and ask.
Thalia: excuse me..
Juan: yes, can I help you?
Thalia: yes, how much is the red dress?
Juan: the red dress? It’s a hundred Euros..Thalia: € 100.00? that’s very expensive.
Juan: ok, for you € 95
Thalia: € 90
Juan: € 92.50
Thalia: ok, I’ll take it!
Lucia: how can I pay?
Thalia: do you take creditcards?
Juan: yes, you can pay by credit card or cash..
Thalia: ok, I Pay with visa Card.

Regálame uno de Tus Sueños

Para no olvidarnos nunca
regálame uno de tussueños;
de esos que ya no ocupas,
de los que no tienen dueño.
Regálame uno de tus sueños
y toma uno de los míos,
y así juntos llenaremos
nuestros momentos vacíos.
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