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Every year, Peter and Susan go to Lea-on Sea to celebrate their anniversary, but this year things will be different. Someone is pretending to be Peter, but Why? What does he want?

German: Peter Reed
Gabriela: Susan Reed
Fabio: Stephen Griggs
Camila: Mrs. Brown (receptionist), Mary Brown (Mrs. Brown’s daughter), waitress, police officer

Peter: Good morning Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Brown: Mr. and Mrs. Reed. It’s good to see you again.
Peter: It’s good to be here again.
Mrs. Brown: Would you like a cup of coffee before you go to your room?
Peter: Yes, thank you!
Susan: DAWUBEGREIT (That would be great!)

Mrs. Brown goes to the back and prepares the coffee.

Susan: AILOVITJIAR (I love it here Peter)
Peter: I know
Susan: WENWI FERS MET? ILEVEN? TUELV YERS AGOU? (When we first met? Eleven? Twelve years ago?)
Peter: Actually, thirteen years ago. On Tuesday. In the café
Susan: Oh, yeah! … LAKY ZERTIN (Lucky 13)

A girl comes in. it’s Mrs. Brown’s daughter, Mary

Mary: Hello (to Susan) and hello to you again (to Peter)

Peter looking with a strange face answers: Hello

Mary: Well, I’ll see you both laterMary goes away and Peter looks at Susan

Peter: That was strange
Susan: YESITWOS (Yes, it was)

Mrs. Brown comes out of the kitchen and gives them their coffee and keys.

Mrs. Brown: There you go. Have a wonderful stay
Peter and Susan: ZENKIU, WIWIL (Thank you! We will )

As they walk to their room

Peter: Let’s go upstairs, change and then go for a walk.
Susan: DATSAUNSGREIT (Thatsounds great!)

In their room, they put their hats and sun glasses. They walk across Connor’s Coffee House, where they first met.

Peter: Let’s go and have a cup of coffee
Susan: OK!

Peter and Susan sit in the coffee. A waitress approaches to their table.

Waitress: Hello Mrs. Reed and hello again Mr. Reed

Peter looks at Susan. They both say Hello

Waitress: So Mr. Reed, should I getyou the same? Black coffee?
Peter: The same? That’s weird (to Susan)
Susan: WILHAVTO COFIS, PLIS (We’ll have two coffees, please)
Waitress: OK. Anything else?
Susan: NOU, ZENKS (No, thanks)

The waitress goes away. Susan looks at Peter who is very thoughtful

Peter: This is the second time someone says “Hello again” to me
Susan: IRISTREINCH... OR MEIBI DERAR TU MEN WUIBBIG NOUSAN BLAK JERJIER IN LIONSI (It is strange… or maybe there are two men with big nose and black hair here in Lea-on Sea.)
Peter: Ja! That’s funny
Susan: MEIBI DEY GOCONFUIST (Maybe they got confused)
Peter: Maybe…. Why don’t we go somewhere else?
Susan: OK

They go out the coffee house and start walking across the beach and town. As they walk by a lot of people say “Hello again” to Peter. They go back tothe hotel and have dinner
At the hotel:

Peter: I think someone is trying to be me. But why?
Susan: AIDOUNNOU... BARAIDON ZINKIT SIMPORTAN (I don’t know… but I don’t think it’s important)
Peter: Not important (shouting) I think it is… I’m going to the police
Susan: NOU. DEILAFATYU. DONWORRI, WIL FAINDEMAM. LIONSISMOL. IRLBI ISI. (No. They’ll laugh at you. Don’t worry, we’ll find the man.Lea-on Sea is small. It’ll be easy)
Peter: I’m scared
Susan: AMSKERTU, BAT WIRON DIS TUGEDER, OK? (I’m scared too, but we are on this together, OK?)
Peter: OK. I love you

Susan looks at him. They go out of the hotel and start walking. The sun is red and yellow. It’s a beautiful evening.

Susan: TUDEISA VEIMPORTANDEI (Today is a very important day)
Peter: No, it isn’t
Susan: ZERTINYERS?YUANME? RIMEMBER? (Thirteen years? You and me? Remember?)
Peter: I… I… I forgot
Susan: DU YU LAVME? (Do you love me?)
Peter: Of course I do
Susan: GUD, COSALAVIUTU (Good, ‘cause I love you too)

Peter and Susan were about to kiss when suddenly a man who looks just like Peter comes out of the coffee house. He looks at them and runs away. Peter notices the man.

Peter: Hey! Wait!!!

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