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Phantom7 Games present
Super Smash Bros. Crusade
v. 0.7

Press Esc to exit this screen. You can press F1 at any time during play to see this again.

Changes for v. 0.7:
New Mode: Classic (incomplete)
New Stage: Fourside
New Characters: Gooey, Mr. Game & Watch, and Chun-Li
Mute City now has F-Zero machines on track beneath stage
"Show Tags" option setting is now saved in Settings.iniPhysics changed - faster falling speeds, higher gravity
Hitstun changed
Melee-style air dodges are now an option
Control Setup screen has been revamped
Menu graphics have been replaced

Changes for v 0.6:
New Character: Saki
New Character: C. Falcon
New Character: Lucas
New Stage: Bramble Blast
New Stage: Planet Flora
New Stage: Planet Namek
New Stage: Mushroom Kingdom I
New Mode:Break the Targets
New Mode: Board the Platforms
New Menu/On-Screen Display Textures
New Mechanic: Critical Hits
New Items: Bumper and Superspicy Curry
Item Switch added
Sound Volume added
Hit stun formula changed
Shield stun formula changed
Electric stun can no longer be stacked
Removed shield-canceling
Ness's Final Smash changed to PK Rockin'

Changes for v 0.5.1:
New character:Lucario

* To view full history of changes, view the "gameInformation.rtf" file in the game's main folder.

To set up your own controls, go to Options, then Control Setup. These controls only affect battle and character and stage selection, not menus!

Pause Enter
Switch Fullscreen F4
Quit Esc
Reset F2
Exit Match F3

Player 1:
Move Arrow keys
Duck Downarrow
Standard attack (A) O
Special move (B) P
Shield/dodge 9
Jump I (eye)
Grab K
Smash L

Player 2:
Move F,H,T,G
Duck G
Standard attack (A) W
Special move (B) E
Shield/dodge 2
Jump Q
Grab A
Smash S

Change Camera Focus F11/F12

Set fullscreen: Use this to toggle full-screen mode on or off. When using Windows Aero, the game may appearstretched in full-screen mode.

Show player tags: Toggle the display of the "1P", "2P", etc. labels on or off.

Set V-Sync: Switch on or off vertical sync. This may make the game lag or run slower than normal, but it helps avoid tearing and improves picture quality.

Control Setup: Here you may customize the keyboard controls for Players 1 or 2.
Smash type: At the end of the controlsetup, you will be asked if you want to enable A Smashing. A Smashing means using the "A" button, or the standard attack button, to use Smash Attacks. By turning this off, you may only use Smash attacks with the dedicated Smash button you choose. Pressing the Smash button will only use Smash Attacks when on the ground. (Pressing it in the air performs a normal Aerial Attack.) If you have A Smashingenabled, you may use Smash Attacks with either the standard attack button or the Smash button. Keep in mind you can set this option for each player individually!

Background Music: Change this option to turn on or off the background music in the game.

Show Help (F1): Use this to summon the Game Information, which you are now reading.

Rule Types in Versus Mode

Match Types
Stock:Survival - whoever is the last standing wins! Take the other players' lives by blasting them off the screen.
Time: Score - whoever has the most points (your KO's minus your falls) wins! There's a limited time, though!
Stamina: Survival, again - only this time, you have a set amount of health which may be depleted by attacks. Lose it all and you're out for good.

Matches may be played as"Crusades" (free-for-all's) or as Team matches. In Team mode, there may be up to three teams at once, each denoted by a color - red, green, or blue. To change the team color of a character, simply click on that character's box using P1's or P2's hand cursor and the Standard Attack key.

Character Select Screen Notes
To select CPU players' buttons, click on a button of theirs to pick it up using...
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