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* I (attend, not) any parties since I have been here.
* Bill (be) here since the 22nd.
* Bill (arrive) here three days ago.
* So far this week, I (have) two quizzes and one test.
* Last night, my friend and I (have) some free time, so we (go) to a show.
* The science of medicine (advance) agreat deal since the 19th century.
* In the last fifty years, medical scientists (make) many important discoveries.
* Hi Judy, welcome to the party. (you, meet, ever) my cousin?
* It (snow) all day. I wonder when will it stop.
* It’s 5pm. I (study) for two hours and probably won’t finish until midnight.
* The telephone (ring) four times in the last hour!
* 15
Hi Jenny. I(see, not) you for weeks! What (you, do) lately?
* John is a professor at LUISS University. He (teach) here for twenty-five years.
* The girl is tired because she (run) all morning.
* When I looked out of the window, it (rain). So I could not go to play soccer.
* When I looked out of the window, it (rain). So I could see the rainbow (arcobaleno).
* Have you (be) to Rome? -No, Ihaven’t.
* It’ the first time we (travel) by plane.
* It’s the most boring film I (ever, see).
* I (know) him for ten years.
* What (you, do) all day ? * Present Perfect Continuous.
* She (be) here for four hours. She must be tired of waiting!
* 26
Mary (not, write) to me since September.
* You (have, not, walk) for long; you can’t be tired.

27. Mary has written 10 letters today.
28. I’ve been cleaning the house.
29. I invited Helen and Steve to my birthday party.
30. Jack told me about the party.
31. They have lunch at 1 p.m.
32. It’s 10 o’clock.
33. She’s reading “The Canterville Ghost”.
34. He plays soccer three times a week.
35. I have known himfor 10 years.
36. The teacher got angry because the students were not paying attention.
37. (you, play) soccer when it started to rain?
38. Was Tom there when (you, arrive)? No, he had already (go) home.
39. Was Tom there when (you, arrive)? Yes, but he (go) home soon afterwards.
40. Ann (just, get) home when I phoned her. She (be) in London.4. FORMA DOMANDE USANDO DID.
41. you the door? (to close)
2) Claire the housework? (to finish)
3) he a bath yesterday? (to have)
4) the boy into the lake? (to jump)
5) Ronald the Tower of London? (to visit)
6) Peggy and Olivia after the baby? (to look)
7) she the invitation cards herself? (to make)
8) the girl the ketchup bottle? (to drop)
9) Tim the green T-shirt last Monday? (tobuy)
50) they karate this morning? (to practise)

51. Yesterday I went ______ the cinema _________ the evening and met my friends Peter and Bill. After the cinema we went for a pizza _____ “Pizza Hut”. Then we decided to have a drink at a pub _____ Oxford Street.
55. My birthday is on 2nd May. I am inviting a lot ______ friends ______ my party.
57. _____August I am going ____ holiday ____ the mountains ______ my parents.
61. ______ Christmas day I’ll be 18 years old.
62. Paul is _____ the bus stop; he is waiting _____ the bus to go _____ the town centre.
65. 1. This train travels from London ______ Paris. (at, to)
66. 2. We stood at the back ______ the theater. (of, on)
67. 3. She went to Rome __________ France. (versus, via)68. 4. The store is open daily ________ Monday to Friday. (for, from)
69. 5. I took my hat ________ the table. (of, off)
70. 6. He looks ________ his brother. (despite, like)
71. 7. The children ran ________ the school. (of, out of)
72. 8. He opened the box ________ a screwdriver. (at, with)
73. 9. I will work _________ five o'clock. (until, up)
74. 10. We walked...
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