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Grumpy tolerant reserved flexible stubborn hot-headed corteous
I complete the sentences with the words in the box1 The staff at the airport werw all very ____________ to us. It was a pleasant surprise.
2 My cousin is quite ________ and doesn’t say much.
3 I was very_________ when i went to university buti’m much more experienced now.
In today’s society people need to be __________ and listen to others points of view.
4 My sister is so __________ you’ll never persuade her to apologise to him.
5We’re lucky to have Jill as an empoloyee. She’s_________ and can change her hours if we need her to.Mark: ________/5

II.- Choose the correct answers.

1 You need to inflate/pour a lifebeit before you jump into the sea.
2 I only had time to haul/grab a sándwich
3James was so tired that i found him drifting/slumped at his desk. He was almost asleep.
4 Unfortunately his condition deteriored/sobbed and he was sent to hospital.
5 We had to haul/flag the boxesacross the floor.

Mark: _______/5

1 Choose thecorrect answers.
1 Did you see Jan at the concert? She wore / was wearing a red coat.
2 Peter wouldn’t lend me his dictionary because he didn’t finish / hadn’t finished his homework yet.
3 I sawyour sister in town yesterday. She talked / was talking to a couple of friends.
4 Jake phoned me just after he was leaving / had left the party.
5 When the exam results came through we allwere celebrating / celebrated!
6 While I was walking to the shops, it suddenly started / was starting to get very windy.
7 When I got to the classroom, the teacher already started / had...
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