Test on simple past

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Test on Simple Past 3


Write the past forms of the irregular verbs.
1. feel →felt
2. cost →cost
3. drive →drove
4. catch →caught
5. feed →fed
Complete the table in simple past.POSITIVO NEGATIVO FRAGE
The ship disappeared. The ship didn´t disappear Did the shipdisappear?
He criticised you He didn´t criticise you Did he criticise you?
Amy was depressed Amy wasn´t depressed Was Amy depressed?She taught in London She didn´t teach in London. Did she teach in London?
The passengers panicked The passengers didn´t panic Did the passengers panic?
Put thesentences into simple past.
1. They repeat the question. → They repeated the question.
2. She hugs her little brother. → She hugged her little brother.
3. The snowman melts in the sun. → Thesnowman melted in the sun.
4. The candle does not burn. → The candle didn`t burn.
5. Do they chat in a forum? → Did they chat in a forum?

Write sentences in simple past.
1. Jim / his head/ cover : Jim covered his head.
2. she / the chapter / copy: She copied the chapter.
3. not / the clouds / disappear: The clouds didn`t disappear.
4. he / to our question / refer: He referredto our question.
5. not / we / our punishment / escape: We didn`t escape our punishment.
„Was“ or „Were“?
1.It was the right thing to do.
2.The shop was open.
3.The men were very strong.4.The weather was great.
5.My father and I were in the car.
Ask for the bold part of the sentence.
1.He clicked the mouse button. What did he click?
2.Robby Robber robbed a bank. Who robbed abank?
3.The house burnt down. What burnt down?
4.The children respected their teacher. Who did the children respect?
5.They welcomed the new pupil warmly. How did they welcome the new pupil?
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