Test taking strategies

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Test Taking Strategies

1. Read the directions carefully! Many points have been lost because students didn't follow the directions.
0. 2. Remember to preview the test to see how much timeyou need to allot for each section. If the test is all multiple-choice questions, it is good to know that immediately.
0. 3. Work on the "easiest" parts first. If your strength is essayquestions, answer those first to get the maximum points. Pace yourself to allow time for the more difficult parts.
0. 4. When answering essay questions, try to make an outline in the margin before youbegin writing. Organization, clear thinking, and good writing is important, but so is neatness. Be sure to make your writing legible.
5. Save time at the end of the exam to review your test and makesure you haven't left out any answers or parts of answers. This is difficult to do under the stress of exams, but it often keeps you from making needless errors.

The following is abrief description of the most important studying methods to increase your effectiveness to enhance your studying skills.
SQ3R | VCR3 |
Scanning and reading textbooks will help you to commitmaterial to memory. | Visualizing information, creating word pictures in your mind as you hear the info. |
Write questions from headings: use who, what, when, where, why, how. | Concentrating on theinfo given help you commit it to long-term memory. |
Look at for unfamiliar words, highlight important sections, take notes while reading, and paraphrase the info. | Relating, info to somethingthat you already know or understand will assist you in filing the info for easy retrieval. |
Recite the info: close the text and determine if you can remember the story of the chapter. |Repeating: info out loud to yourself or to study partner facilitates its transfer to long-term memory. |
Review the chapter: return to the chapter often and look over the info. | Reviewing the info is...
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