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The official manual for this airplane is the Cessnamanual: 1965, C172F Skyhawk. However, the information in that manual does not provide all of the information necessary to safely fly the airplane. Therefore, this test will include questions from theCessna manual as well as the the club's “Conditions of Flight” (COF) statement and “Normal/Abnormal/Emergency Procedures Statement”. These statements are downloadable from the website and are in binderlocated in the flight planning room.

1. Fill in the following V speeds and define (use COF):

Vs __________ ______________________________

VS1 ________________________________________

VR __________ ______________________________

Vx __________ ______________________________

Vy __________ ______________________________

VMAX GLIDE__________ ______________________________

VFE __________ ______________________________

VA __________ ______________________________

VNO ________________________________________

VNE __________ ______________________________


2. Model number (Skyhawk)________ Horsepower______At________ RPM

3. Oil requirement: Min________
Minfor normal for flight less than 3 hours _________
For flights extended flight fill to ___________

For questions 2 thru 19 use the Cessna book .


4. Minimum Octane__________5. Maximum fuel capacity_____, .,Total usable in all flight conditions ______.

6. For the first flight of the day and after refueling, the fuel strainer knob should be pulled out for________ sec.

7. If you encounter a problem with power irregularity, you should:


8. If the ammeter indicates a discharge, this is an indication of what?

Weight and Balance:...
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