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Clean AS3 News Ticker 01 with RSS
Copyright (c) 2009 OXYLUS Development Website : http://www.oxylusflash.com Email: contact@oxylusflash.ro Support only on our public forum:http://forum.oxylusflash.com/clean-as3-news-ticker-01-rss/

The component was designed to be used embedded in html, stand alone or integrated in another project. There can be an unlimited number of items. Thecomponent is highly customizable directly from the xml. The code is commented, so it is easy to understand.

In order to use the component into your .fla projects you must: -open index.fla(from thecomponent); -open the library and copy the symbols ‘mainComponent ‘ and ‘newsitem’ from this files library to your own -copy the main classes (oxylus) in your fla directory -done
Observation: thenews.xml must pe found in the same directory as the compiled .swf

To embed the component in html, you will need a HTML editor (ie: Dreamweaver). Just drag and drop the swf in your IDE.

Note : if forsome reason (with certain settings) the mouseover background is not centered on the text, you can simply open up the newsbg movieclip in the newsItemComponents group found in the library and simply moveit up or down a few pixels until it’s centered.

Note2 : We have pre-packaged a version set up in the xml to use a rss feed in 2-Test\set to use rss folder, however please keep in mind that rssfeeds will only work online (on a server) and require basic php support.

Fax: Mobile: +40 (0) 332 815 673 +40 (0) 788 182 448 +40 (0) 742 094 758 +40 (0) 788 182 593 info@oxylusflash.comhttp://www.oxylusflash.com

Folders in the Downloaded Pack
1-Source – Stand-alone Flash Sourcefiles (.fla .as) 2-Deploy – Location where the compiled .swf and auxiliary files (xml, html) arefound 4-Site-Preview – The file used in the preview on the site (useful for settings inspiration) 4-PSD – Photoshop .psd file with the files design


Fax: Mobile: +40 (0) 332...
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