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  • Publicado : 17 de enero de 2011
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BDE Configuration Suggestions
Compiled by Liz Woodhouse


Nearly every Paradox user eventually wants to know what to do with those obscure "INIT" settings in the BDE. The followingis a compilation of advice from folks on the Paradox newsgroups - take it for what it's worth. (I could not find any explanation on why the recommendations are what they are.)

Random Notes From TheGroups

SHAREDMEMLOCATION: I've seen Bertil recommend setting this to 5BDE on Windows 2000 machines. Bertil responded that if one can run two or more instances of Paradox 8/9/10 on a Windows 2000machine without setting the SHAREDMEMLOCATION to 5BDE, then you can ignore this setting. On Borland's BDE newsgroup, I've seen them recommend setting this to 6BDE under Windows XP (if you are havingout of memory problems). (I haven't tested either setting.)

MAXFILEHANDLES: I've seen recommendations to lower the value in this setting. Bertil replies: "I have often recommended to lowerMAXFILEHANDLES if you run into problems with files not being released properly, especially after import/export. This was an issue in P5 and maybe early releases of P7.32. I don't know if it valid any longer."From Rick Kelly: "I changed MEMSIZE to 84 and SHAREDMEMSIZE to 28672 on a 128MB NT4 sp6a workstation running on a Novell 5.1 LAN. All forms, reports, etc running locally and tables on the server andnoticed a significant improvement. Several complex forms (P9RT/SP3) involving about 10 tables with 4-6 tcursors loaded in 1 sec vs 5 sec before. All other BDE settings were installation defaults withthe exception of MAXFILEHANDLES = 96." (later addition: MINBUFSIZE (2048) and MAXBUFSIZE (8192).)

From Brian Bushay: "I would leave maxfilehandles at its default of 40 Make sure minBuffsize is atleast 1 meg. getting MinBuffsize to one meg is the only thing I have found that makes much difference.
MaxBufsize 8-16 meg

Here is general rule of thumb for memsize

1) Take the total amount...
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