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  • Publicado : 11 de mayo de 2011
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Hobbico® Deluxe Power Panel II
Installation & Operation Instructions
1. Connect the panel’s red alligator clip to the positive (+) terminal on the 12V field battery, and the black clip to thenegative (-) battery terminal. 2. Mount the panel to the allocated space in your field box using the four mounting screws supplied. 3. If necessary, solder the supplied banana plugs to the bare wire endsof your starter, fuel pump, or glow plug clip. Match red plugs to red wires, and black plugs to black wires. 4. Connect the field equipment to the appropriate section of the panel, noting the positiveand negative polarities for each. 5. Fuel pump: Press the red ON/OFF pushbutton to turn the pump ON and OFF. Slide the black switch to the proper location needed to deliver fuel the proper direction.6. Glow Heat: a. Upon initial use only, make sure the Glow Heat adjustment is at minimum. Remove the glow plug from the engine and connect it to the glow plug clip. Increase the heat adjusment untilthe plug glows bright orange. Do NOT exceed this setting as it could damage the glow plug. Note this adjustment setting and meter deflection as being “normal” for your plug. b. Re-install the plug andattempt to start the engine. If the engine fails to start and the meter reads higher than normal, the engine may be flooded requiring fuel to be drained from the engine (consult your enginemanufacturer). If the meter reads lower than normal, the glow plug may need to be changed or the 12V field battery may need to be recharged. c. Changing the type of plug, fuel, or engine might requireadditional adjustment of the glow heat setting. 7. Glow Starter Charger: Firmly connect a glow starter ignitor to the mounting lug on the left side of the panel. The green LED should illuminate confirmingproper connection. This charger will deliver approximately 300-400mA of continuous current. Charging a glow starter for approximately 45-60 minutes will supply enough energy to start an engine multiple...