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Mercadotecnia Everth Schiaffini Rosales Ursula Medina Bazán INTERNET Once the communication between nations, continents or even nearby cities was limited to mail, telegrams, telephone calls and more recently by fax. But over the years all these ways to communicate if they have not become obsolete and unusable if they have been displaced by one of the greatest inventions of mankind, I mean theinternet. Internet is a decentralized set of interconnected communication networks, its origins date back to 1969, when he established the first connection of computers, known as ARPANET, three universities in California and one in Utah, USA. Internet has a profound impact on work, leisure and knowledge worldwide. Thanks to the web, millions of people have easy and immediate access to a vast anddiverse amount of information online. The web has enabled a sudden and extreme decentralization of information and data. From a cultural perspective of knowledge, the Internet has been an asset and a liability. For people who are interested in other cultures, the network of networks provides a significant amount of information and interactivity that would be otherwise unavailable. Internet became atool of globalization, ending the isolation of cultures. Due to its rapid mass and incorporation into human life, the virtual space of information is constantly updated, accurate or irrelevant. Many use the Internet to download music, movies and other works. There are sources that charge for their use and other free, using centralized servers and distributed P2P technology. Others use the Internetto access news and weather. Like every great revolution, the Internet promises a new era of different methods of solving problems created from previous solutions. Some feel that the Internet gives the impression that all no doubt have felt once, producing the hope that is needed if one wants to achieve something. It is an awakening of intent that the technology had never before achieved in thepopulation. For some Internet users creates a feeling of closeness, empathy, understanding and, at the same time, confusion, discussion, struggle and conflict that these users find life itself.


Mercadotecnia Everth Schiaffini Rosales Ursula Medina Bazán Based on the results of a daily tracking survey on Americans using the Internet. All numerical data were collected by telephone interviewsconducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates between August 3, 2007 and September 5, 2007, in a sample of 2,400 adults, aged 18 years.

The Internet is a valuable research tool for online shoppers and often provides information that is of vital importance in purchasing decisions. consumer purchases online and post comments online shopping is only a small part of the activities of a typicalbuyer. Information gathering is one of the most basic uses of the web and often the first step of consumers in decision-making.

Many of these options are relevant to buyers, but at the same time can be a challenge to sort through them. Therefore, buyers of mobile phones are based on different types of input - the vendors, vendor web sites, blogs and review sites online - to help frame theirdecision. The need for information is thrown by the large range of options, and contractual commitment in many cell phone procurement adds to the demand for information. For those looking for a place to live, the Internet helps buyers focus their search. Real Private Investigators face a lot of options, but not all may be relevant to their needs. Internet helps consumers reduce the number of propertiesthat require a trip to see out, and get more information about a transaction that has a high level of financial resources. The history of music is a bit different because it is a good experience - the type of product whose quality is perceptible only after being consumed. This means that Search: Online information can make product research more efficient and can be especially useful for a...
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