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User Manual
TestLink version 1.8

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1.16 Updated

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Table of Contents
1 General information 1.1 Overall structure 1.2 Basic Terminology 1.3 Example of TestLink simple work-flow 1.4 Short-cuts 2 Test Projects 2.1 Creating new Test Projects 2.2 Edit and delete Test Projects 3 Test Specification 3.1 Test Suites 3.2 Test Cases 3.3 Keywords 3.4 Generate Test Specification document 4 Requirement based testing 4.1Availability 4.2 Requirements Specification Document 4.3 Requirements 5 Test Plans 5.1 Create and delete Test Plan 5.2 Builds 5.3 Test Set - adding Test Cases to Test Plan 5.4 Removing Test Cases from Test Set 5.5 Test execution assignment 5.6 Prioritize testing 5.7 Milestones 6 Test Execution 6.1 General 6.2 Navigation and settings 6.3 Test execution 7 Test Reports and Metrics 7.1 General Test PlanMetrics 7.2 Query Metrics 7.3 Blocked, Failed, and Not Run Test Case Reports 7.4 Test Report 7.5 Charts 7.6 Total Bugs For Each Test Case 7.7 Requirements based report 7.8 How to add a new report 8 Administration 8.1 User account settings 8.2 Role Permissions 8.3 Test Plan assignment to users 8.4 Custom Fields 9 Import and Export data 9.1 Export/Import Test Project 9.2 Import/Export Test suite 9.3Just one Test Case 9.4 All Test Cases in test suite 9.5 Import/Export Keywords 9.6 Import/Export Software Requirements 9.7 Results import 9.8 Import Test Cases from Excel via XML 3 3 3 4 5 8 8 8 9 9 10 13 13 15 15 15 17 18 18 18 19 20 21 26 26 28 28 28 29 33 33 34 38 38 38 39 39 39 40 40 40 41 41 49 49 50 51 54 55 56 57 58


1 General information
TestLink is web based Test Managementsystem. This manual should serve as source for users to understand processes, terms and organization of work with TestLink. See the Installation manual for more information about system requirements, installation steps and configuration. The latest documentation is available on www.teamst.org or testlink.sourceforge.net. Please use our forum if you have questions that the manual doesn't answer.TestLink code is often faster than documentation and some contribution missed appropriate description. Some enhancement are not described for this reason here. Thank you for notify us via tracker.

1.1 Overall structure
There are three cornerstones: Test Project, Test Plan and User. All other data are relations or attributes of this base. First, we will define terms that are used throughout thedocumentation and testing world.

Illustration 1: Test Project is the basic component in TestLink

1.2 Basic Terminology
Test Case describes a testing task via steps (actions, scenario) and expected results. Test Cases are the fundamental piece of TestLink. Test Suite (Test Case Suite) organizes Test Cases to units. It structures Test Specification into -3-

logical parts. Test Suite replacesthe components and categories in TL 1.6 and earlier. Test Plan is created when you'd like to execute Test Cases. Test Plans can be made up of the Test Cases from the current Test Project. Test Plan includes Builds, Milestones, user assignment and Test Results. Test Project is something that will exist forever in TestLink. Test Project will undergo many different versions throughout its lifetime.Test Project includes Test Specification with Test Cases, Requirements and Keywords. Users within the project have defined roles. Test Project was called Product in TL 1.6 and earlier. User: each TestLink user has a Role that defines available TestLink features. See more in chapter “User Administration”. Illustration 2 shows common activities according to user roles.

1.3 Example of TestLink...
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