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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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Andrea: Good afternoon, welcome to "Tsunami Restaurant", how can I help you?
Vania: Good afternoon, I booked a table
Andrea: One moment please, OK missVania, table 5, this way please.
Vania: Ok I follow you
Andrea: Sit down please, here you have the menu, I will be back in a while to take your orderVania: thank you
Andrea: Are you ready?
Vania: yes, we want to tolk to the Chef please, we`rehaving a hard time trying to decide.
Andrea: No problem, I willcall her. Hey Chef, they need to talk to you in table 5 because they can't make a decission.
Chef pauli: Okey
Of course, first of all, the speciallity oftoday is Humitas with tomato salad, wich cousis
ts in sweet corn milled and cooked with onion, and empanadas, that are fried dough filled with choppedmeat, onion, carrots and bell pepper. That is a delicious and tipical dish chilean
I can offer you, also potato pie, falled with beef meat shopped
Vania:Waiter, we're ready to order
Andrea: Okey I listen to you
Vania: I Want... (falta)
Andrea: I'll bring them to you right now Here you are ladis, Enjoy yourmeal!.
Vania: Oh! Thank you.
Andrea:Do you need anything else?
Vania: Yes please, the dessert
Andrea: Ok we have mote con huesillo and leche asadaVania: we want mote con huesillo
Andrea: I'll bring them to you right now. Here are your desserts
Vania: Can I have the bill please?
Andrea: Ok, how are yougoing to pay
Vania: By cash
Andrea: Ok, remember, you tip is my salary... Here you receipt...have nice day
Vania: bye bye
Andrea: They are very stingy
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