Text and opinions about the “burqa”

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Text and opinions about the “Burqa”

Julián Gómez Romero

As we already know, a Burqa is an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some islamic religions to cover their bodies in publicplaces. Despite of being a symbol of Islamic culture, it is also synonymous with abuse of women and sexism. Over the years, other cultures in different countries have seen the Burqa as a symbol ofinsecurity and injustice. With this in mind, there have been many opinions that are pro and cons of using this type of clothing in a public place.

First of all, and begining with the cons, it is said thatwearing a Burqa in public places could represent a potential risk to society as a criminal might use these garments to hide their true identity. This is why France, in the interest of safety, hasbanned the use of these garments in public places (perhaps without taking into account the cultural consequences).

Another opinion against this is that these garments represent oppresion andmistreatment of women. Therefore it is unacceptable to make islamic women to continue wearing this while they are visiting another country. In general, countries should fight against abuse and work pro-humanrights.

On the other hand, we are convinced that a garment that covers the entire body and face could affect terribly the process of identifying a person. This situation could occur at the time inwhich a policeman asks for your papers or when you are asked to identify yourself at an airport.

Taking all these aspects into account, we will refer a little bit about the issues in favor of the useof Burqa. For example, one of the aspects that is in favor of the use of this in a public place is that these clothes have a complete cultural history. In the islamic culture there are many women usedto wear the Burqa for personal or religious reasons. So every country should consider it before making decisions like prohibition.

Another point to consider is that enveloping outer garments are...
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