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  • Publicado : 20 de agosto de 2012
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An Introspective Analysis of an Individual’s Language Learning Experience
This article shows the process of acquisition of French language. The author explains that she wanted to pass her Frenchtranslation exam in the Applied Linguistics PhD, so she needed to achieve a high level in French to reach her goal.
She decided to write a journal telling her own experience about the learning processand her feelings towards it. In her journal, we observe that the French lessons were taught using the Grammar Translation-Method, whose goal is to make the students learn its grammar rules and then toapply this knowledge to the task of translating texts and sentences into and out the target language. There is a large part in the journal which talks about her interaction with her classmates andthe teacher, followed by the description of these conversations. After she starts writing about the first week, she describes the classroom setting, and how she tries to rearrange it.
After thedescriptions, she starts to show how she felt the first weeks: disappointed, rusty, she knew that she had not the motivation to carry on with the learning of French, so she was tense when she was in theclassroom. Then she told us about the test and all the discussions it brought with it. There was a disconformity about the results and the teacher gave them the chance to show their queries. She, who issurprised of having passed the exam, is seen with distrust by her mates. What the teacher proposes is an easy and simply solution: to have a dinner all together in order to express their feelings in amore relaxed atmosphere. The idea seems to work and the author started to feel more confident and comfortable in the classroom, so that makes her to improve in French and that fact is reflected inher journal, in which, from this point, we could only observe positive entries.
She, then, enumerates three themes which reflect her learning process:
1. Her response to her language learning...
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