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“That cat is not good! That cat is not good! That cat is not good! The children shouted while playing “the cat and the mouse”. Arcelio couldn’t get a hold of Hortensia. Theywere running around the circle formed by their arms.
“Let’s change games”. Miriam asked and untied the circle.
“Let’s play little goat come out of my orchard” Mayito said
“We would better play it”.Adel said.
“No wed better play materile-ri-le-ro, materile-ri-le-ro” Hortensia song or “what’s the time Mr. wolf?
Suddenly Lucho said:
“Look, look over there! And he panted with the finger over theroofs. And all the children saw a gigantic stream of smoke:
Dense and thick. Thick as chocolate car sing into the sag, shaping as a parachute.
“Smoke!” exclaimed Adel
“But we haven’t heard thefiremen” Paulino said
“Smoke pollutes” Adel stated.
“Smoke what?” Alfonso asked
It pollutes”.
And what’s the meaning of “pollutes?”
“That it contaminates” Adel responded
“The smoke is a signal”Lucho said “my grandma knows many stories and last night she told me that: there was a tribe that live near the sing valley and share hunting. If They hunted a deer the would skate it. If they hunted arabbit, they would share it. If they caught five fishes, they all ate fish. “One day, it was the Indian Tabanais turn to go hunting. He got to the river bank and
When he was walking through the trailamong the trail among the lianas of wicker, he was a big and beautiful deer.
When he was about to loop the rope to catch it, there appeared white men on horseback carrying double barrel of riffles.Tabanai, frightened, tried to run a way but he realized that they were too many and that they had circle him. Crouching, he scrambled, tied two sticks to the ends and smoke warned the tribe so thatthey could come and help him”.



“Ese gato no es bueno! Ese gato no es bueno! Ese gato no es bueno! Los niños gritaban mientras jugaban “al gato...
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