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PAU Practice Examination (Comunidad Valenciana)

Part A. Reading Comprehension.
Read the following text:

The Big Green Gathering

Every summer since 1994, the BigGreen Gathering (BGG), now one of the largest and most significant ecological events in Europe, has taken place at different sites across the UK. Although it does not advertise, the BGG draws thousands ofvisitors, who are united by a common desire to learn what they can do to promote renewable energy sources, halt destructive climate change and increase general awareness of environmental issues.All energy at the BGG is sustainable: petrol and diesel-operated generators are banned. Instead, power is supplied by renewable energy sources. The launderette is pedal-powered, and computers atthe Internet café run on wind-generated energy. The food and drink that is sold must comply with fair trading standards and participants use recycling bins for rubbish. Transport at the gathering isalso environmentally friendly and visitors are even encouraged to use ecologically responsible methods of getting there. Most take public transport, share cars or cycle, although one couple walked over300 kilometres!

For many visitors, though, the BGG is simply an opportunity to have a good time in an ecologically responsible venue. Some attend workshops on weaving or woodworking, forexample, while others may prefer Indian head massage or tree reading. Continuous entertainment is supplied by street theatre, poetry readings, clowns, films and live music. Children have got their ownactivities and there is a special area for teenagers.

Most visitors go home feeling inspired to continue their work in helping to save the planet. So, if you want to contribute to a moreecologically friendly world, and have a good time doing so, you might consider going along to the Big Green Gathering next summer.

I. Answer the following questions using your own words but...
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