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  • Publicado : 18 de mayo de 2009
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Bogotá, The Real City

Bogotá is located in Colombia, is the capital of the country. At just calling the capital, the picture seems to be pretty nice. But that’s no the truth, although it hasgreat museums, libraries and places to go and hang out, it has a lot of troubles. Since the penury, to the apparently richest guys. They spend thousands and thousands buying luxury, cars, jewels,properties and ladies. Those guys are The Mafia. Step by step they are ending with the good modals, the peace, the moral values, and what’s more important, the honesty.

One day I was walking down thestreet with two other friends and suddenly it appears a man asking for money, unfortunately I didn’t have so I told him, my friends also have no coins to give him, but we try to give him some food. Withanger he look at us and start saying a lot rude things, and during he said that, I notice, that more than being, angry, he was hungry, and it wasn’t his fault, to born in a world were everything tohim seems to been so far away from his hands. None of us can judge him for his rage, at the end he was right.

We’re use to born in cradles of gold, were everything seems to be fine, we’ve noworries, no hungry. We just have to worry about that test we’re having on school, or were are going to be our next vacations, which is going to be the plan for the next Friday. While we meant that, the guythat asks for money on the alleys, is worrying about where he’s going to sleep tonight, what did he and his family is going to eat at night. Most of them doesn’t even think about going to school, andlearn something new, the ones that have the access, a 50%, has to abandon school, to start working, and like that help his family with a few money.

By the other side the “magicians”, lavishing themoney in all of that less helpful, in stead of trying at least, to help with all his money this people and giving them homes, food, the basic resources.

Our beautiful city, is nothing else than a...
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