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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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Well i don’t know how to start this…Im NOT a writer, im just a kid, no, scratch that im an “adult” now I’ve recently turned 18 so under the law I am a grown man. That sucks you now why? Because this is my last year at school and even though I hate to wake up early(7:00am) everyday of the week for 365 days a year. I like it, I love school.. but that’s not something new, everyone, I think, feelsthat way when they are going to have their last year at school. And you know why having 18 sucks? Because I have to go to university next year, and to enter university I have to study for 3 tests that depending on my results it will mean if I enter to what I would like to study… every kid of my age does the this in their last year, im sure they think the same as me. Studying sucks, I mean.. you goto school for 12 years, 12 fucking years of a fucking routine where you do some boring fucking things and after you are done with those 12 years how does society pays to you? They say you gotta go and study some more to the university and not only It will be more years of fucking studyin but it will also be more years of hard fucking study because university is all about making you a man or awoman so you can be able to fucking do something when you’re big. What’s the point of all that? It’s fucking boring why can’t we live in a society, in a world where you don’t have to worry about money and having a job so you can live and have what you want! Im not saying im a communist.. just in case everyone thought soo.. but to everyone out there, do you really like to have fucking boring job?Because let’s be realist, 99.9%(yes im inventing that percentage) of the people who enters university doesn’t enters the carrier they would like to do when they are big.. and im going to be one of those, lucky me right?.. of course they don’t enter because they like it it’s just because or they never decided or because their score wasn’t good enough and they had to enter something that could bringsustainability to their future home.. in short, something everyone else enters because it’s a good way to make money and you can bare to have it as a job for your fucking 50 years of work you’ll have in this fucking life society built and left to us. Thank you assholes of the past!
But moving on with the theme, subject, or whatever it is the synonym of the word..(im not a writer as I said and eventhough I say that I still think and want that this “piece of writing” gets so famous I’ll have to be rich.. but deep down I know it won’t because im just pointing the obvious about life in this world and people don’t want to see the obvious they hate their lifes so much they only buy best-sellers books that disconnects them from this realm and sends them into another, that it may be a fuckingpiece of shitty world but it will always be better than their lifes) of university, yeah I know what you’re thinking.. that was a long pharenthesis and you forgot the phrase I was going to complete. It doesn’t matters because what im writing in the computer are just my thoughts that I have recently decided to write just in case someone likes it, I know I should be writing about adventure or somethinglike that, you know I said it in my fucking long pharenthesis cause it’s true!! Even I buy those books: harry potter, hunger games, maze runner, game of thrones, lord of the rings,etc. because it’s cool to picture yourself in those stories, you escape your life which is boring, a fucking routine, you escape whatever your problem is you’re having in that moment and let’s face it.. those sotriesare cool even though, i.e in the hunger games the world is a piece of shit but you’ll still prefer to live in there anyways is WAY more exciting that real life.. maybe you’ll say no but deep down you know it’s true. Fuck this “thing” im writing won’t even get to be saved in word…. But whatever, im just writing remember that…
Even though I say I hate this fucking life society has given us I still...
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