Thanks god there is beer

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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2012
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Beer, ``A Jar Of Human History´´
José Santiago Roque Blanco
Beer can be found at any time in our lives, we just have to hang out into a bar to watch a person sipping a cold beer, There are breweries at any country in the world, beer can be found in supermarkets, grocery store, restaurants, pubs and my fridge, we drink it in meetings and celebrations, or simply, as a way to refresh and calm ourthirst after a hard workday. The beer has accompanied humans since discovered the agriculture, when the man began to be sedentary. It has been an essential part of the daily diet on ancient civilizations and its texture would be the principal reason to create instruments, machinery and procedures that today are fundamental part in our lives. Definitely is a blend of traditions, art and science. Butthe beer has not always been as we know it today, to achieve the clear, foaming and golden color as we know; it has passed through a series of transformations, which have evolved along with the history of human civilizations.
Malting the past
What is a beer? It is the name of an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting solutions obtained from water and cereals (barley, rice, rye, wheat, corn andother seeds that contain starch) flavored with hops, herbs, fruits or chocolate. Most beers are made with malted barley and flavored with hops. In Japan, China and Korea their beers are made by fermenting rice (and receives the name of sake, samshu and suk respectively); in Africa they use corn, sorghum and other seeds, while the Russian kvass is made by fermenting rye bread. So the beer is a cerealfermented beverage that we could locate its beginning in the past. Beer historians believe that, the beer can be the reason why the man became sedentary, true or not, is definitely either a reason or an a consequence of ``our ancestor´s sedentary lifestyle´´, as is documented, the sedentary lifestyle began in Mesopotamia between 10000 and 6000 B.C. with the implementation of grain plantation. Isbelieve that the first beer discovery was made in the early Sumerian settlements, it was discovered by accident where for some reason, isn’t know how, the water was mixed with some grains (cereal), leaving its rest for a few days in outdoors, and for some reason, either by hunger, thirst or curiosity; a body decided to try this liquid finding its refreshing taste, it is believe that the Sumerianused to bake bread, soaked in water and after a few days in rest, get the alcohol solution, action which, by the way, they had no clue about the production or reaction given from alcohol, applying to the beverage a religious character. It is the reason for man leaves the wildlife and start living as a citizen, because the beer offered them purified water, food, joy and a sugar sources, which atthat time, this action did not exist.
Brewing The History
In ancient Egypt, beer was introduced in the diet of its habitants; everyone had the right to get bread and beer, while the pharaohs, also wanted to take the beer with them on their way to afterlife. The beer gets spread from the Middle East through Armenia, southern Russia, Bohemia, Germany, Belgium and British Isles about 2000 years ago. Itwas a cloudy soup made with bread and water, that the Romans classified the beverage as to barbarian due to the beverage nasty look, while for the habitants of the north of Europe is part of their daily diet by getting sugars released from the malted cereal given to them the energy required to perform forced labor into jobs with terrible conditions from those time. They boiled the water withbread to get sugar in a purified liquid, they did not know it was purified, to them, this liquid was simply `` a liquid bread´´. Later on called ``ale´´ with the use, that gave them lot of energies after drinking it, (just like ``the Popeye’s spinach does in cartoons´´… no, sorry… is just a joke). But the beer gave them more energy as drinking beer than eating bread.
The brewing was a women...
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