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Welcome to Henry’s 10 minutes…

Today, I would like to share my life experiences: My childhood, my family and my future.

To start with, my name is Henry Velandia, I was born in Colombia, onOctober 28 of 1990. I live with my two little brothers who are named Juan Pablo and Camilo Velandia Parra and my parents Cristina Parra and Henry Velandia.

When I was born, my family moved to Subawhere I spent almost my entire childhood. I got enroll into a school named “Liceo Personajes Colombianos”. It was a cool place, I made a lot of friends there and I realize that my life have had justbegun. By the way I met my first date in that school.

When I was 10 years old I moved with my family to a nice apartment locate in ……. I was very pissed off because my parents said that I could stillgoing to the school, but then later they decided to change me to a new one because there was no way they could take me to the school everyday.

A new part of my life was about to start, ColegioFundacion Colombia seemed to be the place that would change my life. And it was, this school has taught me a lot of valuables things such as be a good person, student and the most important, be there forthe persons that I love the most. This school had been witness of things that I will never forget, things like the empty space left in my heart when my two best friends Javier Zorro and Fernando Vasquezmoved to USA. By the way, yesterday I talked with them and both of them wanted me to tell you that they miss you all so much. Im still sad because of that, but I know that things happen for a reason.I could say that I am a young boy who is obsessed with rock n roll, especially with Guns N Roses. I am a funny person who likes walk at night and think. Yesterday I just thought about how fun itwas when I spent time with my friends. Im a cool guy who wants explore everything in this world. I really enjoy play soccer.

Now as I get close to graduate, I have been thinking about my future. I...
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