That yellow bastard

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  • Publicado : 13 de diciembre de 2009
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Comic analysis

“That yellow bastard”


Frank Miller

TEACHER: Florencia gonzález allende

Student: Sabrina Castro

Subject: literature

Year: 4th


Frank Miller is the writer of Sin City, one of the most impressive comics made in the 90’s because the author had the unique vision of making a comic only in black and white and with theuse of some colours only in some parts of the stories.
That yellow bastard is the sixth comic published in a limited series book and it tells the most heroic and tender stories from the whole series.
Even though the story is unreal we can relate the events to our real lives.
In this work I’m going to analyse how the events that occur in the comic can be found in real life and how the corruption,crime and insecurity can end with innocent’s life.


THAT YELLOW BASTARD is a story full of corruptions; this is a common topic nowadays in our everyday life. It is exhausting to hear the quantity of cases of politicians who stole money and sometimes are involved in crimes that are never solved by the police who seems to be involved in the fact of hiding the evidences.This is not the case of John Hartigan who in his last days of work goes to the rescue of a girl called Nancy Callahan who was kidnapped by the son of the senator Roark is one of the most corrupt politicians in the city.
Roark Junior can be seen as the typical case of a son of a powerful family who feels that has the right of doing whatever he wants whenever he wants to, we can se how he feels thatin the next dialogue:

_”D o you know who I am? Do you know who my father is?”

He feels and he is right at some point, that kidnapping and raping girls is something that he can do without suffering the consequences of breaking the law. In our society the crimes are committed by children and adolescents who can not go to prison because the age that they are saved them from that. They feel thatthey can do whatever they want and they are free to do it because justice is not applicable on them.
John Hartigan doesn’t feel like Roark Junior can do whatever he wants and he decides to stop him by shooting him on the left ear, hand and genitals, but he is betrayed by his partner who was with him that night, and now he is afraid of the consequences of killing Roark Junior.
It is hard tojudge John’s partner, because at some point it is understandable why he did that. If an ordinary person finds evidence of corrupt politicians or if the son of the corrupt politician commits a crime would he or she do something against that powerful persons? I think he or she would not do that because powerful people can turn the life of a person miserable in just one second.

John is sent to jail.An innocent man is sent to jail because senator Roark wants to take revenge on him.

Image of the comic

Before going to jail little Nancy promises John that she will write every week and also says that she loves him. The letters gives John the strength of living.
Nancy has to hide in the old townbecause John is afraid that she might be killed by the senator who only wants to take revenge of what John did.
Many women especially in our country suffer the same situation that Nancy, they have to look for a new life because they suffer the abuse of their partners. If they don’t hide most of them suffer the consequences and they are killed by them. It is a sad situation because in some cases womenlook for help at the police but they don’t help them so the end of their life is a matter of revenge.
After eight years the letters stop arriving and John thinks the worst: that she was found by Roark.
And a strange event happens when he receives the visit of a yellow man who also stinks like garbage. The man punches John and knocks him.
He makes a deal to leave jail and goes to look for Nancy...
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