The advantage of learning english

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  • Publicado : 20 de noviembre de 2011
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Arleen J. Soto Perez
Mrs. Higgins
ENG 100
The advantages of learning English
Are you tired of being rejected because of not knowinghow to speak English? Have you lost valuable employment opportunities due to the language? These things have happened to me. I have been really frustrated. When I know I have the ability to perform atask, but the English language has been obstacle. For this reason, I decided to learn to speak English. I set my short and long term goals, started at school, got all the materials I needed, and amlearning about the culture of this country where I live.
For now; my short term goal is to improve in areas that are important to learn the English language, such as grammar, spelling, writing, andpronunciation. This way I can develop self-confidence as a fluent English speaker. Also, I can eventually achieve my long- term goal, which is to become a registered nurse.
Starting at Lehigh CarbonCommunity College is the most important step I have done. At LCCC I will acquire the knowledge and education necessary to perfect my knowledge of language. Through the teaching and guidance of theteachers, I will be able to perform better in the conversational area, where the language becomes more complicated for me.
As soon as school started; I acquired all the materials needed for classes:books, a good dictionary, notebooks, and a word processing program for my computer. These materials are very important tools to assist my learning process. They are very useful and help me stayorganized.
Learning a language, help me understand how others think, and help me to obtain a general understanding, am very interested in learning certain aspects such as: music, politics, literature,costumes, and traditions of this country. Learning English also show my interest and commitment to the new country where I live.
English has become an important means of communication with others....
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