The african queen

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The story takes place in the forests of central Africa where Rose takes care of his brother Samuel who is ill and is about to die, they are part of a Christian mission for manyyears and they converted hundreds of people to Christianity until the First World War and the Germans appears occupy central Africa taking and destroying many African villages..
Samuel close to deathmurmured about the destruction of the mission by the Germans, in the morning Samuel die, Rose does not know what to do with your life because all I did was help people with his brother.
To leave herroom she sees it's a beautiful morning, the distance is about a mechanical Allnutt not seeing anyone asks Rose where are all, she says the Germans taken them, Allnutt questions about her brother andshe says he died…Allnutt decides to bury him, and later advised Rose to leave the village in the African Queen boat, travel by river Ulanga this river has many channels and small islands. This trip isexciting and scary for Rose because she never traveled by boat.
Later come to a safe place and decide to stop, Allnutt think about how to be safe but Rose wants to avenge the death of his brotherSamuel using dynamite and cylinders that Samuel have on the boat to attack the Queen Louisa. Allnutt is not sure that she thinks but eventually agrees and they go towards the waterfall where they areseen by the Germans but with the help of sunlight make it through until you reach the waterfall where they fall down to calm and crystalline waters, Rose gradually begins to fall in love with Allnutt.One morning a strange sound stops the boat, Allnutt carefully reviewed the boat for damage, the sound they heard was the boat's propeller was broken and it was almost impossible to rebuild it, butthanks to the dedication of Allnutt to fix it.
After fixing the propeller pass the point where the river takes the name Ulanga Delta this is a journey through the dense lush vegetation and nights are...
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