The aids

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The virus of the human immunodeficiency (VIH) causes the AIDS. The BEEN word comes from the initials of Syndrome of Acquired Immunodeficiency, which consists of the disability of thesystem inmunitario to face to the infections and other pathological processes.. This virus attacks to the system inmunitario and leaves to the vulnerable organism (organisation) to a great variety ofinfections opportunists and potentially mortal cancers. This virus remains latent and destroys a certain type of lymphocytes, cells in charge of the defense of the system inmunitario of the organism(organisation).
The virus can be transmitted:
1. Sexual Route: Across The sexual contact, already be oral, vaginal or anal. (Homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual)
2. For blood route, by means oftransfusions (at present very slightly common) or on having shared needles, objects punzocortantes, or inclusive for transplant of organs of infected persons and objects of personal use (rakes,toothbrushes etc)
3. Route perinatal: From the mother to the child. A pregnant woman can transmit the virus to his(her,your) fetus across the fact of sharing the traffic of the blood or a nursing mother itcan transmit to his(her,your) baby in his(her,your) mother milk. Carriers and AIDS patients there is called a carrier the person who, after acquiring the infection for the VIH, does not demonstratesymptoms of any class. There is called an AIDS patient the one that suffers someone of the aforesaid processes (infectious, tumour, etc), with an immunological important precariousness. Both the carrierand the AIDS patient name seropositive, because they have antibodies against the virus that can be recognized in the blood by a laborator test(proof). In general lines, since a person becomesinfected with the VIH until it(he,she) develops BEEN, there exists an asyntomatic period that is in the habit of lasting approximately 10 years. During this time the immune system suffers a progressive...
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