The air and vegetation

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The atmosfere contamination

The economic and energetic model, based on a high consumption of fossil fuels and on a massive manufacture of products, generates residues that, when they are spilt inthe atmosphere, originate the air pollution.
The this accumulation of pollutants producing diverse harmful effects on the environment:
- The acid rain, which it affects negatively to thevegetation.
- the reduction of the cap of ozone, which is the one that protects the alive beings of the beams ultraviolet.
- the greenhouse effect, which originates a climate change in the planet. Thischange characterizes por:el increase of the terrestrial temperature, the alteration of the winds, the rainfalls and the merger of the polar ices that raises the level of the sea, with the consequentdanger on the coasts.
To avoid it, it is necessary to reduce the pollutant gases, as the carbon dioxide, proceeding from the industries, the transport and systems of heating.

The deforestation

Thetrees play an environmental important paper since they consume carbon dioxide and liberate oxygen in the air, fix the soils and support his fertility, store water and collaborate in the regulation ofthe climate and the rains.

The reasons of the deforestation

Between them we can stand out =

- the existence of economic interests, which look for immediate benefits without bearing theenvironmental consequences.
- the excessive consumption of wood of the rich countries, which causes the overexploitation of the forests
- the increase of the population, the ignorance and the extremepoverty of numerous countries provoke the disappearance of his forests to attend to the needs of his inhabitants.
- the human own activities of the industrial company, which originate the abandon ofagricultural lands and forests, with the consequent risk of fires.

The consequences of the deforestation

Between them we can stand out =

- the landslides of land and the floods, for the...
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