The aztecs

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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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October 13, 2010
ESL 49-B
Instructor: Liza Smith
Assignment: Paragraph

The Aztecs Diet Prevail Through theTime

Diaz describe what meats eaten the Aztecs on the writing of Diana Serbe “ …every day they cooked fowls, turkeys, pheasants, local partridges, quail, tame and wild duck, venison, wild board,march birds, pigeons, hares and rabbits” (line 21-22). I think the Aztecs have so many varieties of meats, vegetables, herbs, fruits, and grains. Smith comments “Tomatoes, avocados and several varietiesof squash seeds were eaten in several forms” (line 21-22). We can know through Smith the Aztecs diet was very abundant in edible ingredients.
Moreover Michael E. Smith mentioned on his essay thatmaize or corn was a remarkable plant to the Aztecs, for the reason was so easy to grow it in the local conditions of earth and environment. Although according with Smith maize was eaten in differentways, “most common was the tortilla, a round, flat, toasted bread that has been a staple food of Mesoamerican cuisine” (line 16-17). Also “pozole, a soup or stew contains large maize kernels (hominy)”(line 18).In addition of writing of Smith the Aztecs found their diet based in maize. In other words maize was the first on their diet, that’s why maize was so important to our ancestors.
In spite ofthe Spanish explorers bring different edible products the Aztecs preserve their recipes but some of this suffers changes with the new ingredients, this combination of recipes and ingredients result“comida Novohispana”. Definably the Spanish influence the Mexican cuisine and now we have so many recipes with other ingredients from other parts of the world.
In conclusion the Aztecs diet wasplenty of edible products and the most popular was the maize because they used to prepare many dishes, in spite of the Spanish came to influence their cuisine, the Aztec diet prevailed through the...
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