The beatles

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In The Cavern.

On their second trip to hamburg, a record producer asked the Beatles to play on a record for the singer Tony Sheridan. The song was 'My Bonnie Lies the Ocean' and they played as the Beat Brothers. The boys were becoming successful. But one of the band decided that he didn't want to be a Beatles.

Stu met a young photographer, Astrid Kirchherr, in hamburg. Her photos of theband later became famous. She also helped the band's look. One day, she cut Stu's hair. At fi rst, the others in the band laughed -They all pushed their hair back off their faces like rock and roll singers. But later John, Paul and George all had the same haircut. After the band's second trip to hamburg, Stu decided to stay there. He was in love with Astrid and he wanted to study art in Hamburg.Paul never had a high opinion of Stu's playing, and he started to play the bass. Back in Liverpool people were interested in the new band 'from Hamburg'. At first, someone told john , 'You speak good English'. But the band became more and more popular in their home city. They often played at a club called The Cavern. Hundreds of fans crowded into the small, dark club when the Beatles played there.The band was famous now in Liverpool, but was that enough?.
Everything changed when they met Brian Epstein. He was the manager of a big music shop in the city. When he heard about the Beatles, he went to The Cavern. In his suit and tie. Epstein probably looked very different from The Cavern's young crowd. In his opinion. the band were a little rough. But he has said, 'I immediately liked what Iheard: Epstein met the band and offered to become their manager. When he promised to make an agreement with a record company the band said yes!.
Brian Epstein immediately gave the band new rules. They couldn't eat, drink or smoke on stage. The four young men started wearing suits. Epstein worked hard for the band and on the last of 1962, they drove down to London. They played for Decca, a bigrecord company, but it didn't go well. Two months later, the company said no to Brian Epstein and the Beatles. In their opinion, guitar bands weren't popular now.
Worse news came from Germany. Stu was ill with terrible headaches. He died in April 1962, a day before the Beatles third trip to Hamburg. He was only twenty-one.
During the band's third trip to Hamburg, they received a message from theirmanaged. Another record company.
Parlophone-part of the big company EMI-wanted to hear them in the studio.

On Their Way

In June 1962, the Beatles were in London again-this time, at the Abbey Road studio. George Martin was on of the producers who was listening to them for the record company. Martin didn't like their songs much, but he liked the boys. After the Beatles finished playing, heshowed them around the studio. The band were quiet.
'Is there anything you don't like?' asked Martin.
Finally, George spoke. 'well, I don't like your tie'.

The fifth Beatle?

Before the Beatles, the producer George Martin mainly produced records of funny songs. But Martin knew a lot about music and about recording. Over the years, he helped the Beatles to grow as musicians. Atfirst, he was really the boss. But after a time, the band told him what they wanted.
A few weeks later, Martin called Brian Epstein. Yes the band could make a record with him... but not with Pete Best on drums. In the producer's opinion. Pete wasn't good enough. It was a heard decision for the band, but Pete had to go. The drumer was angry when Brian Epstein told him the news.
The next decision waseasier. In Paul's words, they wanted 'the greatest drummer in Liverpool' -their friend from Hamburg, Ringo Starr. Epstein called Ringo on Wednesday and asked him to join the band. By Saturday, Ringo was the new drummer. Some fans weren't happy about the changed. At The Cavern, a few people shouted angrily and held up signs: 'Pete is Best'.

The married Beatle

Before they went back to London...
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