“The best way to fight cancer.”

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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2011
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“The best way to fight cancer.”
"You have cancer, you need chemotherapy." Have you ever heard this phrase either in your case, a relative or close friend? This is very bad news, but you want to liveand decide to take chemotherapy forgetting hair loss, vomiting and low defenses. Not all doctors inform it, but there is a better way to solve the appearance of the tumor. Exists natural oralternative medicine to cope with this difficult disease without chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery.
Over the years doctors have studied the benefits of natural medicine. They have done interviews withpatients who have opted for this alternative seeing successful results. Natural medicine requires no orthodox treatments, toxic medications or surgery, the treatment is completely natural. This medicineis much less expensive than chemotherapy. Alternative medicine has no risk of cancer regeneration; it is very safe for your health.
The natural medicine therapies are composed of nutritionalmethods, herbs, natural metabolic, therapies that strengthen the immune system, biological, non-toxic drugs, also psychological methods and / or spiritual. These therapies are varied but all have the sameprinciple: "a truly healthy body should not develop cancer." These naturopathic physicians believe that cancer is caused by an alteration in the patient's immune system, so it is much better to work ina healthy body that can cure and prevent cancer and many more diseases to submit to unsafe treatments that may not have the desired effect. The natural medicine focuses on the body's natural immunityand strengthening of its inherent ability to destroy abnormal cells in the body.
With alternative medicine you only have to invest in food for your good nutrition, vitamins and natural medicines.This is a significant difference to chemotherapy that has an approximate cost of 30,000.00 or more; and has no guaranteed results. You should not spend money that you do not see the expected results;...
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