The borders of the world

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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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The borders of the world

There are so many borders in so many places. But, in fact, all the villages and all the towns, all the countries, all the states and all thenations, all the continents and all the people are in the same world.

Every hour someone tries to leave the place where he or she lives. He or she tries to immigrate for findinga better place to live. But, a lot of times he or she can't do it because the borders exists in the world. Because someone created one day, many years ago, an imaginary lineswhich divided the world in a little parts. What does the government do in the Borders? The borders only are for limit their countries. In my opinion the frontiers are onlynecessaries for better organization, but the governments don’t only use the borders for it.

As Simone Weil once said:“the laws are the masque of power”, and I think theborders are not the borders of geographical or cultural countries, but are “the borders of power”.

The borders condemned the people who lives in the power and corruptcountries to be power and corrupts.

It is important to remember that this is not strange, it happens very usually in this world, so much usual. Every week , we can see on the News,on the TV, how thousands of people from Africa want to entry to Spain, to Italy and to other european countries for change their lives.

Sometimes we are frightening ofthis people who only wants a better work, to eat, and a better way of life for their sons; and we don't see the rich man who arrives by an private aeroplane and hundreds of kgsof cocaïne under the seats, or the big and expensive car with five men from some east european countries with a lot of last generation guns.

Elisabet Delgado Mas

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