The brain and the disease of schizophrenia

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  • Publicado : 21 de febrero de 2011
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Jackie Garzón
October 27, 2010
Every day we are going through countless situations that infringe against internal harmonization and consequently, against our health; How to be well reverses the process and proposes a method for you, from all levels of our body, the most dense to the more subtle, we not only keep us focused and a permanent healing,but also help path to the circumstances that surround us are harmonized with the energy of love.
We are our own lives; Executive Directors is as lead our own co., which in this case is our body from head to the feet.
The questions that we should make ourselves daily would be:
We are well managed and to invest properly in our own human capital?
Are we fulfilling the work that we weredelivered in a heavenly way when we came to this world?
The most sublime things and the unworthy, the best and the most vile, the true and the misleading are often confused in the interior completely baffling way voice.
Historical review: El Dr. Paul Chauchard was who wrote the book the brain and consciousness in 1912 the Dr. Chauchard, not only was an eminent neurophysiologist, but was also arenowned philosopher in the years 1912, was a man who argued his science and conceived not separated from the great human; context "who felt that there was no better object of study as the brain of the human being." The said:
Man job costing admit that his brain is not more than a body among other bodies. "The reality is that the human brain barely differs from the brains of animals we can see in thecarnage."
As we had not considered the essential body? And how it should not seem us being involved in a sort of sacred mystery attached to the origin of the species and the originality of human nature?
However, the brain is not indispensable to life; as it can be the heart, for example: in the absence of the brain (or in the case that this does not work) human life has lost everything whatwhich constitutes its superiority: the consciousness, the will, thinking, is there where we see the mystery. It is where we ask ourselves:
As a body so trivial aspect is responsible for our psyche?
However to date these sorts of questions, remain the same.
The next question is: That the brain of the animals, not is also this advantage of the human brain, allowing a true intellectualthought?
Good; these challenges posed by our brain, we feel tempted to assume a position of our philosophical or religious choices. We have a soul, and what are their relations with our body?
If we are incredulous, we have the tendency to make the mind a material product of brain, a kind of discharge; If we are believers will see in the human brain a mechanic in the service of the spiritual soul: manwould distinguish the animal soul, not the brain.
Geography of the brain: Since 1960, there is global; coordination Organization Int'l research of brain (IBRO) within UNESCO.
Our agency has a functioning adapted to their needs. On the one hand, in what refers to the activity of various internal organs, "life of nutrition"; on the other hand, in the domain of their displacement in the externalenvironment, "the life of relationship" and in both cases, due to their nervous; centers bodies for coordination and integration; that receiving sensitive messages informers, avoid orders execution according to situations.
A local or regional regulation can be ensured by lower as "likeable" ganglia or spinal centers, but the top of the nerve centres is the brain that hosts cranial boxed. Haveas its functions certain local regulations in the head region particularly, but above all, a general control of the body. The brain weighs as term average 1360 g in man, a little less in 110 g women because it is lower in weight. Man would distinguish the animal soul, not the brain.
Definition of the brain: Main interest of the brain that occupies the top of the skull. It is composed of two...