The catholic monarchs

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Task 1: Read pages 78 and 79 and answer the following questions

1. What were the Spanish kingdoms inthe first half of the 15th century?

They were Castile, Aragón, Navarre, Portugal and Granada
2. How was Isabella related to King Henry IV of Castile?
She was his sister

3. When did Isabellaand Ferdinand marry?
They married in 1469

4. When did Isabella become Queen of Castile?

She became Queen in 1477
5. When did Ferdinand become king of Aragón?
He became king in 1479

6. Whywere the Crowns of Castile and Aragón united?

They were united because Ferdinand and Isabella married

7. When did Isabella die?
She died in 1504

8. What happened to the Crown of Castile afterIsabella’s death?
It passed to her daughter, Joanna The Mad

9. And what happened to the Crown of Aragón?
Ferdinand continued as the King of Aragón

10. Why did Joanna (Isabella and Ferdinand’sdaughter) not occupy the throne of Castile?
She didn’t occupy the throne, because she was insane

11. Who was the Catholic Monarchs’ heir?
Their heir was Charles I

12. When was the dynasticunion confirmed in the person of Charles I?
It was confirmed in 1516

13. What was the Holy Brotherhood?
It was a judicial police force, to fight against bandits and the abuses of the nobles

14.What was the Royal Council?
It was the highest judicial body

15. Who were the “corregidores”?
They were chief magistrates

16. What did the Catholic Monarchs do concerning the army?
Theycreated a permanent, professional army

17. What was their policy about the nobles?
They took privileges away from them

18. When did the Catholic Monarchs conquer the Muslim Kingdom of Granada?
Theyconquered the Muslim Kingdom of Granada in 1492

19. What kingdom did they conquer in 1504?
They conquered the Kingdom of Naples

20. When was the Kingdom of Navarre annexed?
It was annexed in...
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