The celebration of 14 february began in anglo

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The celebration of 14 February began in Anglo-Saxon countries but spread around the world especially by globalization and the Internet. For this reason and adapting to some festivals,in some countries of Latin America is known as Valentine's Day and in others as "Day of Love and Friendship.

That is why Born the legend of Valentine's Day ...

One of the mostpopular legends is the fact that during the fall of the Roman Empire in the third century AD, Emperor Claudius II believed that married men, yielded less in battle, and decided to forbidmarriage.

A Christian bishop, Valentine, unhappy with the order, began secretly to unite in marriage to couples of lovers who came to him. When Claudius II found out about thedisobedience of the bishop, imprisoned Valentine, pressured him to renounce Christianity, when he refused, he was sentenced to die. During his final weeks, one of his jailers acknowledged thatValentine was a learned man and took his daughter Julia, born blind, to receive lessons in science and religion. Julia learned to see the world through the eyes of Valentine, until finally,successive pleas for the girl, achieved the first miracle, that she could see. On the eve of his death, Valentine wrote a last note to Julia, urging her to stay close to God, and signedit "From your Valentine", unaware that gave rise to the tradition of sending messages of love on that date

Another of the stories circulating, which conforms to the beliefs of whites,say that the cause of the origin of the celebration is Charles, Duke of Orleans, who was captured by the British in 1415 in the war against France. Imprisoned in the Tower of London,was devoted to poetry, and one of the letters he wrote to his wife, signed as "your Valentine". Currently this "card", the oldest love letter is known, is preserved in the British Museum.
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