The cell( la celula)

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*In this essay I going to talk about cells. Cells one of the most basic units of life, and the tiniest one. There many types of cells in humans, plants, and animals body. There aresome organisms with only one cell, which are called one-celled organism. Cells are in our skin, in our blood, and in each simple part of our body. The cell is made up of many parts; the nucleus, cellmembrane, chromosome, cytoplasm, mitochondrion, vacuole, chloroplast, and the cell wall.The some parts of the cell can vary; Depending if it’s a plant or an animal cell. Cells are almost classified intogroups; A group of similar cells that work together at the same job are called a tissue, a group of tissues, a group of similar tissues work together at the same job is called a organ, a group oforgans working together at the same job is called a organ system, and a group of organ systems working together is called an organism. And that’s how the cells are formed and grouped together to made anorganism; like plants, animals,, and humans.

*The cell, as I mentioned at the introduction, is the basic unit of life, and the tiniest one, cells are at every single part of our body, bythe way are many kinds of cells, such as; white blood cells, white blood cells, skin cells, etc.
Cells are formed by many parts, the principal parts of a cells are:
-Cell membrane; is a cell’s outercovering, which gives the cell shape and help control materials that move in and out of the cell.
-Nucleus; is the largest, most invisible part of a cell, which has its own membrane and is thecontrol center of a cell’s activities.
-Chromosome; a long stream in the nucleus that stones directions for cell activities.
-Cytoplasm; a gel-like substance that surrounds a cell’s nucleus and is theplace where most cell activities occurs.
-Mitochondrion; one of the rod-shaped structures in the cytoplasm that supplies the cell with energy.
-Vacuole; a sac-like space in a cell’s cytoplasm for...
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