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  • Publicado : 24 de agosto de 2010
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A girl of 15-year-old called Carmen, life has the experiences of his life, which are full of illusions, confusion and hopes. The girl lived in the House of their fathers, which was going through manyfamily problems. Tried to solve their problems, but while solution to one of the many problems that he had given, sank more in a vacuum. One evening suddenly found in his room crying, grieving, andthinking that if she did not exist all the problems at home could be solved. Of soon enters a strong light on his window, she amazed look where that light came, looking at the sky looks that it was thereflection of a beautiful and nice white popcorn, the girl raised arm and the popcorn came to her; took it in his hands, and exclaimed: "how nice you are, I can do a favor?, give Diosito my message,tell him to help me, and to send me a signal to give solution to my problems!" Carmen went out of his window and released into the air to the beautiful popcorn. The girl utan, exclaimed: "What is thepopcorn will give my message?". The next day, sailed to school, entered into your classroom and in class suddenly a woman entered and told: "I am a psychologist, me llamo Rosa." "Today visited them togive a talk on the family". Before this, the girl made to reflect and said: "What is the popcorn gave my message to God and he sent me a signal?" When chat, she very attentive listening to identifycases that Miss exposed, is released in tears. To see her psychologist approaches so that you have their problems, but the very embarrassed girl didn't want to share their problems. Miss psychologisttells him: "If you not me then not be able help you." "You know, God has sent me to you to be able to help you". Then she responds: "How secure that God sent it?" "If so, then count you". Afterrecounting her problems, psychologist gave many tips and one of them was: "God gives us to each of us a cheque in white, which one puts price and the day of judgment, God will charge us the same price that...
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