The chemistry

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  • Publicado : 10 de noviembre de 2011
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The Chemistry, as any knowledge, has an evolutive process, it means that, as the humans has an evolutive process, they birth, grow, but in that period o growing, it suffers a lot of changes. Exactlythe same, pass with the chemistry (that means that since the human discovered the science, because the science is not an invention it is a discover).
Before I begin my text, I need to explain, thatthe chemistry has a relationship with every other science, like the Biology, Science, Math, Social sciences, everything that is a science have a relationship, in few words, practically, all the eventsthat occurs in the world, had a relationship whit science.
With the pass of the time, the chemistry was developing more and more, but, whit every big advance, comes a huge responsibility, somethingsthat the humans demonstrated are not able to have, with the pass of time, the humans has demonstrated a certain tendency to be irresponsible, an example: when the humans learn how to make tools withmetals, they began to create more and more weapons, to kill them.
Well, as we can see, the chemistry is part of our daily live, maybe you don’t know but when you take a bath, you are using chemicals,and components, when you cook a cake, that cake pass through a chemical process, with that examples, we can know that chemistry is part of our lives.
In my point of view, chemistry, together withphysics, are the two more important sciences of all that exist, without those two, I think that nothing exist, I mean, all of the things that we use, the most of the things that we eat, are make, orcontained chemicals, or components, or mixtures, all the things that we know, also each person, are maked of particles, all, the clothes, the shoes, so we can go to the conclusion that the chemistry isinvolved in all the world, and also, it knowledge are part of our daily life. Can you imagine a live without the knowledge of chemistry? I don’t think so.
But the point here, is how do people uses...
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