The children of the new forest resume

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  • Publicado : 30 de octubre de 2011
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Main Characters
Edward Beverley, Humphrey Beverley, Edith Beverley, Alice Beverley, Jacob Armitage, Mr. Hetherstone.
This book is about the Armitage children in the New Forest. It happens inthe beginning of November 1647. The king of England is prisioner at Hampton court and Oliver Cromwell took power over England. There was this colonel Beverley who was killed fighting for the King andwas his friend. Oliver Cromwell thought that the King was hinding al the forest, so he sent his soldiers to burn the house of the colonel (Arnwood) with his children inside. Jacob Armitage a friendof their father ran quickly to prevent the children who quickly left the house. The 4 children went to live at Jacob’s house, where they learned how to live by their own. The soldiers looked for themat the house, but they were very poorly dressed and the soldiers didn’t care of them and left. The children took care of the house: Edward of the hunting, the two girls of the house and clothes, andHumphrey took care of the farm. One day Edward met Mr. Hetherstone and got an offer to work as his secretary which he accepted. While working there Edward fell in love with Mr. Hetherstone´s daughter.Mean while at the house Jacob passed away and Humphrey one day found a Spanish boy named Pablo in the forest and he took him into the house to help. Edward then went to fight against Oliver Cromwell.The girls (Alice and Edith) went to live with the Conynghame family, and Pablo with Humphrey stayed in the house. When the war was over and Edward returned, his sister told him that Patience (Mr.Hetherstone`s daughter) never got married and waited for him 9 years. Mr. Hetherstone accepted in the marriage when Edward told him that he was one of the Beverley children, and gave them back Arnwood andthe forest.

This book is a very old story that happened in England. It was written in 1847 and was a very important book for the family. It is a very nice ending story about how...