The chritmas vacation

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Topic: Christmas Vacations
Christmas is an annual celebration. In that the birth of Jesus Christ is commemorated. It is an epoch in that all the families must be close. The holidaysare when the relatives and friendship do sprees are joined and amuse themselves. In Puerto Rico the Christmas is only because the puertoriqueños have his show restraint typical.

On December 24 itis celebrated good night. It is the day of the birth of the child Jesus. This day I spend it in San Germán. With the family he converses of my mother. But the same day occurred the quake; but I didnot feel it. Spend it with my family dancing and singing. To my family and to my we are charged with celebrating all the occasions. I ate rice with idlers, salad of cordite and ham. This day is when wehave to be grateful more for God. Because us sending to the adored the child Jesus the savior of all.
On December 31 in the whole world farewell of year is celebrated. We always celebrate it in LasMarias in house of my grandmother. Always the whole family re-joins is. I delight that this day comes to see that it brings me the New Year. We did spree, played and amused ourselves in big. We aterice with idlers, pastry done in house of my grandmother, dad's salad, pig killed in house and cheesecake. This day God was asking for so many things him. One of them is to go away of travel again. And Ibelieve that this deseed is going to fulfill me. My cousins threw fireworks. And I give him thanks to God for everything.
Before kings ' eve on January 3, 2011 we without planning happened thebetter thing. We went away to giving to return for the coast of Puerto Rico. But without planning it we remain in too few cabins in Humacao. It was without thinking it we had to buy clothes and everythingto be able to remain. We spend it brutally in the swimming pool and the beach. I still have with my family let's hurt to heap. To big well group. We remain until January 4, 2011. Later we went away...
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